About SmartWORKS

Background and History

SmartWORKS was established as a for-profit corporation in the State of Michigan on July 30, 1991, to provide high quality, expert grant writing services and evaluation services for schools, non-profits, government, and faith-based organizations. The array of services offered encompass:

  • Grant Writing
  • Program Evaluation
  • Needs Assessment and Gaps Analysis
  • Programmatic Planning and Design
  • Systems Planning and Design
  • Proposal Development
  • Staff Development (Individual and Group Training and Coaching)

Since SmartWORKS began in 1991, our experienced staff has written more than $50 million in successful grant applications. Funds acquired have provided services to those in need through varied arenas including education, housing, health, mentoring, welfare to work, employment training, family literacy, substance abuse prevention and treatment, mental health services, and prevention of juvenile delinquency.

Our organization provides skilled consulting services as well as a systems perspective on programmatic design, implementation and refinement. We have been privileged to work with many individuals and institutions in moving their program and organization toward innovative, "cutting edge" practices. Most importantly, we offer a strategic approach to setting priorities, acquiring, and allocating resources needed for client organizations to achieve their mission and goals.

Strategic Grant Seeking

SmartWORKS offers your organization a strategic approach to grant seeking that is proactive and thorough. Using our specialized method, our skilled consultant staff will lead your organization through our proven 4-Step Strategic Grant Seeking Process.

Step 1: Organizational Analysis

Our professional consultants conduct a brief organizational analysis to assess your current funding status. We inventory current programming and funding sources. In addition, we engage staff in identification of organizational strengths/achievements; weaknesses; opportunities for leveraging resources (staff, financial, facility, etc.); and threats.

Step 2: Customized Grant Research

Our knowledgeable consultants utilize various databases, funding newsletters, foundation directories and other sources to identify prospective funders for your project idea.

Step 3: Priority Setting

Our seasoned consultants identity specific programs and categories of funding that your organization is most interested in pursuing. An action plan for strategic grant seeking is developed based upon your organizationís priorities.

Step 4: Development and Submission of Highly Competitive Grant Applications

Our consultants work diligently to develop highly competitive grant applications. We are committed to your organizationís success in winning grant funding. When YOU WIN, WE WIN!!

Phyllis Lewis President and Director of Operations

Phyllis Lewis, President and Director of Operations has more than 28 years experience planning and/or operating state- and federally-funded programs. She has owned and operated SmartWORKS since 1991. Ms. Lewis has been privileged to work with many:

  • Schools
  • Non-Profits
  • Government Entities
  • Faith-Based Organizations

Her specific background experience includes:

  • Masters Degree in Education K-12 Curriculum
  • Bachelors Degree in Health Care Administration
  • Registered Nurse/Charge Nurse
  • Expertise in the areas of resource development, program planning and local evaluation related to various arenas including education, health, human services, mental health and substance abuse.
  • Twelve years experience managing state and federal programs, family intervention programs, integrated comprehensive family support, health services, disability services and parenting education.
  • Registered/Unit Charge Nurse with supervisory experience in Oncology and Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Seven years post-secondary teaching experience in child development, legal issues in special education law, and disability services at the community college level.